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Guaranteed Service


If contractual pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers pest-free. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure pests are gone and our customers are happy. Call The Exterminators Inc. for pest control services in Port Hope 289-301-8162
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Pest Control Port hope

Pests can be everywhere. Even in a small town like Port Hope! We have the crew, we have the equipment, and most important of all, the experience and the skills to get them out! We are a tight-knit crew who have over a decade of experience in removing all sorts of pests fast and effectively. Our technicians have been all over the Durham Region and beyond, and have been solving the toughest cases for families, individuals, and businesses alike! The crew at Pest Control Port Hope has dedicated pest control technicians that will go above and beyond to bring your pest woes to a definite end. We work with a solution-oriented approach in mind and seek to utilize as few resources as possible as we believe in quality over quantity. We follow the tenets of the Integrated Pest Management movement (IPM) that believes in sharing an ecological responsibility towards the community. In addition, we take every opportunity to help our neighbors that are part of the flourishing community that we are a part of.




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Mice can squeeze through every hole, crevice, and foundational gap with ease. This does not stop here. This also gives access to a host of other pests such as rats, cockroaches, and other tiny insects that might exploit the whole entrance. This is why it is important to have experienced technicians conduct an exterior inspection so they can seek out any entry point that seems prone to infestation. Our technicians have gone and combed through numerous properties in Port Hope area and beyond and know exactly what they should be looking for. After having identified all the possible entry points, the technicians will relay this information to the property owner for transparency and clarification. As a service that deals with pests of all kinds, we also offer solid and time-tested proofing and exclusion services so that a second infestation is out of the question!


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Rats are incredibly destructive rodents that prefer the outdoors. When it does find its ways indoors, it does so through often a left open garage door or squeezing through structural gaps. Once inside, the rat can chew and nibble on anything that comes its way. Rats can create fire hazards by chewing through wiring and cabling that can eventually cause a house fire. Rats can cost property owners their reputation because they roam filthy places such as sewers, dumps, and the streets and are, therefore, likely to transmit diseases and viruses. Rats are high in water content which means when the rat dies in a hard-to-reach place inside the property the stench. This is why professional extermination is required. Professionals have the tools and equipment at their disposal to make sure rats will not pose a problem anymore. Call us 289-301-8162


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Cockroaches are equally hated across the board. People hate the way they scurry away and seem to scan the area with their antenna. They just seem to have no regard for how disgusting people find them. Our licensed technicians are dedicated to the full elimination of roaches in your property with the help of formulations and tools of a high caliber and experience and skills that go back for many years. Our technicians can handle and can adapt to any infestation regardless of the severity and species that are involved in it. You can count on us to take care of your cockroach infestation completely so that you can return to your normal lives once again.


Residential Pest Control Port Hope

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We know what it takes to get rid of pests fast and effectively. We know because we have done it countless times and still continuing with the best pest control technicians by our side. We have been in the business of removing household pests for more than a decade and we do not plan on stopping anytime soon. We are a team of dedicated professional specialists that treat a range of pests including:

  • Bed bug extermination
  •  Ant control
  • Cockroach extermination
  • Wasp removal
  • Rodent control

How We Work

To get to the root of the problem, we need to know where it comes from. This is why we always conduct an exterior inspection. The exterior inspection is meant to give the technician more insight into the infestation or break-in. Pests can get access to the interior through the tightest holes, cracks, and gaps. By conducting this inspection, technicians can identify weak spots around the perimeter as well as the main entry points that the pests use to get to the inside. The technicians will then go on, if needed, to do an interior inspection to chart the spread and to plan and execute an effective plan of attack to eradicate the pest presence.


The Exterminators Inc. is a professional pest control service that gives high-quality treatments to residents and business owners alike across the Durham Region. We have helped countless frustrated Ontarians get rid of their pests for once and for all. We know that pest control is a sensitive subject that is why we approach issues with utmost consideration and care.


Our technicians are trained and fully licensed by the Ministry of Environment. We take the safety of our technicians and customers very seriously. We work according to the Ministry’s guidelines and industry regulations to assure that our work is done properly with the safety and security of our technicians and customers in mind so you can rest assured that we put safety first.


We pride ourselves on declaring homes throughout the Durham Region pest-free with the help of our dedicated team of technicians that strive to make pests a thing of an unpleasant past that you won’t have to look back on thanks to the quality treatments we swear by. We are so confident in our work that we offer a 6-month guarantee. if any pests return within those 6 months, we will re-treat your home free of charge.


When one of our technicians deploy to your home, it is safe to say that your pest problem is being handled by a seasoned expert with years of experience and success stories under his or her belt. Our technicians have been dealing with numerous cases across the Durham Region for years, so you know that your house is in good hands with The Exterminators Inc.


Pest Infestation Impact On Health

When pests come from the inside, they bring a host of trouble with them including germs. Pests like to spend most of their time in the most filthy places imaginable bringing with them harmful bacteria which can easily cause you to fall ill when you come in in direct or close contact with them. For example, rats and mice can carry up to thirty-five diseases through viruses such as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome and Leptospirosis. They were also responsible for The Plague. In nature, looks can be deceiving. These seemingly cute creatures can have a grave impact on your health as well as others around you. Cockroaches carry an extensive list of harmful viruses as their diet consists of a range of unappetizing things such as dead animals, human excrement, and filth. Spotting live cockroaches is a red flag as it points out to a cockroach infestation. Call Us today 289-301-8162

Why Choose Us?

We are always the first line of defense when it comes to fighting across the Durham Region. Building that reputation took years to make through hard work and dedication. Our technicians know very well that pest control is a very private matter that is not spoken of often. That is why we chose to deploy our technicians in an unmarked white van so that you can rest assured that your issue is being dealt with in the most discreet way possible. In all of our treatments, we take exceptional care in identifying the source of the issue by conducting a full exterior inspection. By treating the issue by deploying our best tools and formulations. To ultimately preventing the issue from reoccurring by sealing up entry points such as holes, crevices, foundational gaps, or vents. We cover a lot of ground with our technicians spanning across the whole Durham Region. So do not hesitate when you have a pest issue on your hands. Contact us now and let us put your mind at ease!

Importance of Professional Pest Control

Attempting to keep pests at bay can be a very frustrating and draining experience. Store-bought products are just not potent enough to treat pests, and even if they were, they still would not be enough for the thousands of creeping and crawling nightmares that haunt your home. A professional licensed pest control technician has a true potent arsenal at his or her disposal that is approved by the provincial government whereas a consumer-grade store-bought brand does not enjoy the same privilege. The expertise and training paired with effective environmental-friendly formulations is a guarantee that your home can be declared pest-free in no time. Hiring us to come over is a decision never regretted! Contact us now to find out more about our process!


Pests can contribute severely to your discomfort by being on your mind all the time. They can take a toll on your finances, mental health, and physical health as most pests are nocturnal by nature leading to a lack of sleep amongst other things. Apart from that, droppings can be hazardous when left untreated over an extended period.


Pests such as termites and carpenter can cause a lot of wood-related damage that harms the structural integrity of older Ontarian homes. It often leads to thousands of dollars in repair costs alone. Raccoons together with their kits, for instance, like to take up space in attics leading to the eventual depreciation of insolation driving repair costs up to a dizzying amount of money. Pests simply equal irreplaceable damage in every way possible. To prevent financial loss, you should hire The Exterminators Inc.


Mice and rats chew through wiring and cabling that lead to an electrical bridge. These rodents are often the culprit of unexplained house fires.


Pests are reservoirs of harmful diseases. Not a surprise knowing about the areas these pests prefer to spend their time in. They visit unsanitary places that can range from sewers to landfills, and everything in between bringing home an unhealthy amount of harmful bacteria that can easily contaminate every surface they walk on. For example, rodents and cockroaches are responsible for causing salmonellosis, plague, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, leprosy, and Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. That is why you should contact The Exterminators Inc as soon as possible to take care of your problem!


Why do you need to call a professional pest control company?

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Professional pest control services such as Pest Control Port Hope can never be replaced by over-the-counter products. We deliver you the whole package which includes technicians, equipment, and years of experience fighting these pesky intruders at a level commercial products do not dare to deliver on! We can eradicate pests once and for all and coupled with a guarantee that keeps you safe long after we are gone!

Safe handling of formulations is a top priority because of the many unwanted consequences it can lead to harm when it is abused. Over-the-counter products and DIY approaches just do not have the same rentability that professionals offer. Technicians are insured professionals that can intervene in any pest infestation by carefully assessing the situation and effectively executing a plan of attack that puts the quality of quantity.

We offer you high-quality service at an unmatched affordable price that comes with all sorts of benefits that DIY solutions cannot deliver on. All of our technicians have been in the industry for more than a decade before joining our tight-knit company of personable passionate pest control experts who are driven by passion and pushed by the challenges they each face everyday face.

We make sure that you are at ease with our comprehensive guarantee that will keep you safe long after we left. We will return after our work if our work happens to be breached, no questions asked, because we are confident in our ability to offer you quality work! Call us now 289-301-8162 for a free consultation and to book an appointment!