Raccoon Proofing Your Property Strategies for Long Term Prevention

Raccoon-Proofing Your Property – Strategies for Long-Term Prevention

Even though raccoons like to live in cities, that doesn’t mean you have to let these hidden thieves take over your property. Raccoons can ruin things, spread diseases, and be a bother. To keep raccoons away for good, you need long-term protection methods that work. In this piece, we’ll talk about how to keep raccoons out of your yard.

  1. Keep trash cans locked up

Raccoons eat whatever they can find, and your trash cans could be a gold mine for them. Make sure the lids of your trash cans fit tightly and are hard for rats to open. You could use bungee cords or weights to hold the lids even more. If you can, keep trash cans in a safe place until trash day, such as a locked shed or workshop.

  1. Take away their food sources.

Raccoons are drawn to food, so they won’t think twice about stealing from your yard or your pet’s bowl. To keep them away, pick up any fruits or vegetables that have dropped and pick your crops as soon as they are ready. If you have dogs that live outside, feed them during the day and take away any food that wasn’t eaten at night.

  1. Put up lights that turn on when someone moves.

Raccoons are nocturnal, which means they like to move around at night. Putting up lights that turn on when they move around your property can scare them away. These lights not only work to keep people away, but they also make your home safer.

  1. Use fences that keep raccoons out

You’ll need to buy raccoon-proof fences to keep raccoons from getting into your house or other buildings. Among these are:

Galvanized Steel Mesh: Use galvanized steel mesh to seal off possible entry spots like vents, chimneys, and crawl spaces. Make sure that all holes are firmly covered.

Fences: Put up a strong fence around your home or garden. Electric fences can be especially good at keeping raccoons away.

Raccoons often get in through chimneys, so make sure they are secure. To keep them out, put on a chimney cap with a spark arrestor.

If you have pet doors, you might want to lock them at night to keep rats from getting in.

  1. Cut back branches that hang down.

Raccoons are good jumpers and can get to your roof and attic by using branches that hang over the edge. Cut back trees that are close to your house to make it harder for them to get in.

Secure access to the attic

Raccoons have a bad reputation for getting into attics, where they can do a lot of damage. Make sure that the places where raccoons can get into your attic, like vents and soffits, are covered with raccoon-proof materials, like galvanized steel wire. Check your attic often for signs that raccoons have been there, like droppings or torn insulation.

  1. Don’t feed the animals

Whether you do it on purpose or not, feeding wild animals can bring raccoons to your land. Don’t feed wild animals or birds with open containers or by putting food out for them. It’s important to break the link between your home and a food source that’s easy to get to.

  1. Call an expert in removing raccoons

If rats have already moved into your home, you need to hire a professional to get rid of them. If you try to get rid of raccoons on your own, you could hurt yourself or cause more problems. Professionals have the knowledge and tools to deal with rat problems in a safe and kind way.

Maintenance is important for long-term success.

Keeping raccoons out of your yard is not a one-time job, but a long-term process. Check your property often for signs of raccoon behaviour and quickly fix any possible entry points. The key to keeping raccoons away is to be consistent.

In conclusion, making your property raccoon-proof is important for the safety of your home and family. By using these tips and staying alert, you can keep raccoons away and reduce the risk of property loss and disease spread.

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